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Eating Disorder Clinic

Jordan Valley offers Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for adolescents (12-18 years old) and adults with eating disorders. Our team helps patients break patterns related to their eating disorder. Patients spend an average of 12 hours per week for six to eight weeks in the program.

Adolescent Eating Disorder Program

Family-Based Treatment

Family-Based Treatment (FBT) puts family members at the center of the treatment team and allows the teen to stay at home. FBT empowers parents to play an active role in their child’s recovery. Parents must attend all sessions and siblings are strongly encouraged to attend as well.

FBT focuses on brain function and weight restoration. Our goal is to help your teen stop binge eating, purging or other restrictive eating patterns. You and your teen will spend 12 hours a week following a treatment plan.

Nutrition & Meal Planning

FBT treatment prioritizes nutrition and helping teens reach a healthy weight if needed. Families and teens will meet regularly with a dietitian to develop a meal plan and track progress. Our dietitians help you focus on providing regular balanced meals in adequate amounts.

Therapy & Support Groups

As part of treatment, you and your teen will attend therapy and support group sessions. You will develop strategies for recovery and receive support from others in the program. FBT sessions are for you and your teen. Other sessions and peer support groups are specifically for parents or teens.

Adult Eating Disorder Program

Jordan Valley’s eating disorder program for adults supports patients who live in or around Springfield, MO. Patients can enter our program from outpatient treatment, after a partial hospitalization or after inpatient treatment. Many of our patients attend work or school each day while participating in our program.

You will make personal goals and create a treatment plan with our team to support your recovery needs. As part of your plan, you will participate in small groups, mealtime support, and processing and nutrition education.

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