Foster Families and Jordan Valley

When you become a foster/resource parent, you pledge to give a safe and loving home to a child who has been through trauma and loss. At Jordan Valley, we pledge to stand by you and help make caring for the children in your home and your family easier.

Contact our Team:
Call: 417-851-1630 or email: [email protected]

Our Pledge to
Foster Parents

Our team helps you navigate paperwork, wellness checks and physicals. We connect you to the specialists and resources your family needs. You will have a direct phone line and email you can use to reach us. We can also help when you come across obstacles with other aspects of foster care.

When a child in foster care enters your home

We make sure your foster children can get care soon after entering your home.

Step 1

The child enters your home.

This will be a big day with a lot of adjustment. We want to start this journey with you.

Step 2

The child must have a physical within 24 to 72 hours of the time they enter your home.

You can call us at 417-851-1630 or email us at [email protected] to arrange an appointment with a Trauma Informed Physician. You can also walk into any of our clinics during business hours to be seen in our Express Cares.

Step 3

Access all of our services.

Once you establish with one of our providers, your children can now receive any of Jordan Valley’s services, including primary medical, dental, vision and behavioral health care.

Meet the Foster Care Support Team

Healthcare Services for Children



We help children manage emotions and behaviors. Learn More



Children can visit every six months for dental services. Learn More



Come to our clinics for wellness checkups or when children are sick. Learn More



Kids five and up can have vision exams and get fit for glasses or contacts. Learn More



We help children master daily tasks, strengthen muscles or understand speech. Learn More



Walk in for broken bones, fever, flu or severe tooth pain. Learn More

Foster Youth in Our Area

youth are in foster care in Greene County.

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youth are in foster care in Missouri.


kids in foster care were seen in Jordan Valley clinics from January 2023 to March 2023.


kids in foster care were seen in Jordan Valley clinics in March 2023.

Resources for Foster Parents

Use the resources below to guide you on your journey.

CarePortal alerts local churches and community members when there’s a need. Churches and other groups then help provide food or clothing, support or child placement assistance.

Visit Website:

CASA volunteers speak up for abused and neglected children in court. CASA helps courts put the child’s best interests first.

Visit Website:
Call: (417) 864-6202

The Council of Churches of the Ozarks has programs that benefit foster youth and those in need. Find services for clothing, diapers and food.

Visit Website:
Call: (417) 862-3586

FosterAdopt Connect offers many services for foster children and foster parents. Services include legal help, a clothing and food pantry, respite care, support groups and much more.

Visit Website:

Get healthcare for your family. Home State Health offers health insurance plans that fit your needs. Learn more about tailored insurance plans and Missouri Medicaid options.

Visit Website:
Call: (855) 694-HOME

Get healthcare for your family.

I Pour Life helps foster care youth through its LifeStrengths program. The LifeStrengths program helps foster children become self-sufficient, independent adults.

Visit Website:
Call: (417) 755-7039

Get healthcare for your family.

Find information and training on being a foster parent. Understand your rights and explore support services for your family.

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