Pediatric Health Care for Southwest Missouri

Keep your family healthy. We offer services for infants, children and teens. Whether your children need to see a dentist or a doctor, Jordan Valley is here to help families raise healthy, happy children and provide the care your children need in one place.

Healthcare Services for Children

Behavioral Health

Help your child function happily in daily life. We help children manage emotions and behaviors.


Take care of your child’s smile. Visit us every six months, starting at age one.

CHILDREN'S Medical Express Care

Walk in Monday - Friday from 7:30am - 4:30pm at the Women & Children's Clinic in Springfield when your child is sick.


Your child can receive their immunizations at their wellness checkups or at our annual “Back To School” immunization pop-up clinics.

Primary Care

Come in for regular wellness checkups to ensure your child reaches every milestone. We’re here if your child gets sick, too.


Starting at age five, bring your kids in for vision exams every one to two years. We fit children for glasses and contacts.

Additional Pediatric Services

Occupational Therapy

Your child may have trouble with everyday tasks like writing, holding utensils, zipping a jacket or brushing their teeth. Occupational therapy helps children master daily activities so they can be independent at school and in life. Ask your Jordan Valley provider for a referral for this service.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps children move more efficiently and strengthen their large muscle groups.  Your child may need help walking, running, navigating the stairs, jumping, climbing, throwing or balancing. Ask your Jordan Valley provider for a referral for this service.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps children understand and use language. Your child may struggle to form sounds, put sounds together or use sentences the right way. Ask your Jordan Valley provider for a referral for this service.

WIC Program

The Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program provides free supplemental food packages, nutrition counseling and health screenings. You must be a pregnant woman, breastfeeding mother or mom with a child under 5 years old to qualify. These free services are offered through the Springfield-Greene County Health Department.

Women’s Health

Pregnant women and new moms receive a full range of care at Jordan Valley. We support you from the day you take a pregnancy test until your child grows up. After delivery, our Pediatrics team is excited to meet your child and help them grow up healthy and happy.

Pediatric Virtual Visits

See a pediatrician from home. Find out if a virtual visit is right for your child.

Children’s Healthcare Providers

Tampa Street Jordan Valley Clinic

Choose A Location for Your Child’s Healthcare

Bring your kids to one of the locations below for pediatric care.

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