Free Interpretation Services

Jordan Valley offers free interpretation in over 200 languages, including yours.

You can use our free interpretation services to:

At Jordan Valley, we use trained medical interpreters to:

How to Get Started

At the clinic...

At your first visit, Jordan Valley will give you a language card with your name and preferred language. Keep this card and use it to ask for an interpreter any time you visit one of our clinics.

If you don’t have a language card yet, you can use a language list found at the reception desk to ask for an interpreter.

Here’s how:

  1. Show your language card to our staff or pick up a language list and point to your preferred language.
  2. Our staff will contact an interpreter on a phone or tablet.
  3. The interpreter will stay with you until you finish your appointment.

On the phone...

  1. Call Jordan Valley.
  2. Listen to the language options and dial the number that matches the language you need. If you don’t hear your language listed, dial 0 and an operator will help.
  3. You will be connected to an interpreter, who will help you connect to our staff.
  4. The interpreter will stay with you until the end of the call.

Translate Our Website

Our website can be translated into your language, too!

  1. Look for the language button at the top righthand corner of our website.
  2. Click the button and choose your language from the dropdown list.
Ready to learn more about our services in your language?

If you have trouble accessing free interpretation services at Jordan Valley, please call our Compliance Department at 417-851-1556. Your report is anonymous and helps Jordan Valley improve access to interpretation for all patients.