Adult & Family Medicine

Getting care is simple at Jordan Valley. We offer primary and preventative care for your whole family to help you stay healthy. Our team provides treatment, education and support so you feel confident about your health.

Scope of Medical Services

Primary & Preventative Care

Bring your entire family to Jordan Valley. Our doctors care for people at all stages of life.

Dietary Counseling

Change your eating habits to boost your health. Meet with a dietitian and learn to make good diet choices.

Tests & Lab Services

Jordan Valley provides onsite lab services to ensure quick results.

X-ray & Ultrasound Services

Our team of experienced radiology and ultrasound techs provide imaging to assist in the diagnosis process.

Weight Management Support

Make healthy lifestyle choices based on your body. A healthy weight decreases risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Additional Medical Services

Chronic Disease Management

Our team works together to provide ongoing care for individuals with chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and other conditions.

Geriatric Care

Jordan Valley provides care for older adults. Our physicians help seniors maintain healthy functioning. We monitor existing health problems and watch for health risks that increase with age.

Pain Management

If you live with pain, our team at Jordan Valley can help you manage it. We take a whole-body approach to treating pain by providing medication, physical therapy and counseling.

Substance Use Disorders (MAT Clinic)

Recovering from substance use is hard. We support you without judgement. Our substance use program provides Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid use and other addictive substances.

Outpatient Adult Medical Services

Jordan Valley provides a variety of outpatient services to allow you to receive treatment and recover in the comfort of your home. Remember to view the patient resources we provide, including free record requests.

Virtual Visits

Ask us about virtual visits to chat with your providers from home.

Adult & Family Medicine Providers

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