A Welcome From Dr. Nash 

Jordan Valley Community Health Center hosts semi-annual training events each spring and fall focused on Behavioral Health Integration into Primary Care. This experiential training is designed to provide information and experiences for implementing an integrated care program into a primary care setting.

Learning Objectives

After attending the full program, participants will be able to:

    1.     Describe the clinical/treatment opportunities available to behavioral health providers                      within the primary care setting and describe at least two of the ways that patients benefit              from integration within primary care.

    2.    Describe strategies for overcoming at least two of the common challenges for behavioral               health providers within the primary care setting.

    3.    Describe three strategies for inter-professional collaboration/communication between                   team members (i.e. physician, psychiatrist, behavioral health consultant, case manager) in             an integrated care practice.

    4.    Describe at least three of the clinical strategies and interventions used when a new                         patient, with both physical and psychological problems, presents in a team-based                           integrated care practice.

This training is targeted for the administrator, clinical director, medical director, COO, 
CFO and clinician. The material is appropriate for those with intermediate levels of 
knowledge, skill and experience.

The next training event has not yet been scheduled. If you have questions please call Dr. Nash at (417) 851-1551, ext. 1367.



Barbara Nash, Psy.D.

Director of Behavioral Health Integration

(417) 831-0150

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