Women's Health

Women's Health

At Jordan Valley, our focus is on the mother and baby, with an expertise in OB care. We want to be your family’s healthcare home, and are dedicated to providing a full spectrum of services for women in addition to our OB services. Our physicians provide quality care in a patient-centered environment. Our Women’s Health team provides the following services:

  • Prenatal care and Obstetrics

  • Maternal Fetal Medicine (High Risk OB)

  • Gynecology/Women’s Health

  • Ultrasound

  • Lab services

Pregnancy is the start of a new chapter in your family’s life. A good start begins with good choices, and we hope you’ll choose Our Healthy Start at Jordan Valley Community Health Center. Our Healthy Start prenatal care provides both your regular check-ups and all the self-care and education you need for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

Healthy Start Labor & Delivery

Our Healthy Start team will help you prepare for your hospital birth at Mercy Hospital, or Cox South Hospital in Springfield or Cox Hospital in Branson. Healthy Start gives you access to our partners’ services in the community. These include the Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC), the Doula Foundation of Mid-America and assistance with applying for temporary Medicaid during pregnancy. Many other resources are available to help meet your needs.

After Your Delivery

We also provide care for your children after delivery. Your continued health is our priority, whether it be annual exams, planning for your family or any other women’s health services. Please come see us at one of the following clinics, now accepting prenatal patients: 

Jordan Valley Hollister
Jordan Valley Marshfield

Jordan Valley Springfield

(417) 831-0150

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