Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits are available for primary care needs including acute care needs for colds, coughs, and flu.  You can connect with your Medical, Behavioral Health or Pediatric Dental provider from the comfort of your home using your phone, smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Call us at 417-831-0150 to find out if a virtual visit is right for you!

Think You Might Be Experiencing

COVID-19 Symptoms?

Fever over 100.4, cough, or shortness of breath?

Call us. We can connect you with an
Express Care provider virtually.


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Call us at 417-831-0150.

Our team will help you select the virtual option that best fits your needs.

You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for your appointment.

What To Expect

Helpful Tips For Virtual Visits:

  • When scheduling, our team will help you select the virtual option that best fits your needs.

  • Check your device to make sure the browser application and the operating system are updated to the newest version available.

  • For video calls on smart phones, the mobile device must have a functional front-facing camera.

  • If possible, use a secure and private internet connection (or data service on your mobile device) when having a virtual visit by video.

  • Use a private, quiet room free of distractions to meet virtually with your provider.

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