Sliding Fee Program


Jordan Valley Community Health Center offers a sliding fee program to help patients access the care they need whether or not they have health coverage. The slide program provides discounted rates for many services provided at Jordan Valley.

How Can I Join The Sliding Fee Program?

  1. Meet with a Care Coordinator at Jordan Valley who will help you fill out the slide application.

  2. Provide your current and valid photo ID.

  3. Provide printed proof of all sources of income for all persons who live in your home with you.

  4. If you or your child could be eligible for Medicaid, the Care Coordinator will help you with the MO HealthNet application.

Sources of Income


The following are approved ways to verify your household income:

  • Wages, salaries, and/or tips

  • Unemployment payments

  • Workman’s comp payments

  • Welfare benefits like TANF

  • Child support payments

  • Social security income (SSI)

  • Social security payments like SSDI, DWB, or CDB

  • Pension or other retirement payments

  • Veteran’s benefit payments

  • Survivor’s benefit payments

  • Money from need-based employment programs

  • Money earned from self-employment activities

  • Money shared or given to you from others who don’t live in your home

  • Any other source of money you or another household member gets

*Any other income not included in the list above.

Proof of Income

A printed document that shows the amount of money each household member gets from their income sources:

  • Two most recent paycheck stubs from jobs

  • Employer statement of earnings

  • Federal or state letters that show amount of benefits

  • Benefit check

  • Statement of benefits

  • Other printed documents that show amount of income source

Bank statements cannot be used for proof of income.

How Does The Slide Program Work?

Slide is applied like a co-pay per visit or as other discounts for onsite care you or your child get at Jordan Valley. The co-pays or discounts are based on how your total income amount and household member size compares to federal poverty guidelines.

Some tests, procedures, or other services provided at Jordan Valley are not covered in the slide program. Before you agree to services, we’ll estimate your cost so you can plan for your care. You are asked to pay slide fees at the time of service.


A short list of common slide co-pays and discounts is shown below. To learn how slide may apply to other services, talk with a Financial Counselor at Jordan Valley. 

Medical Visits:

Federal Poverty Guideline for Household       Co-pay: Adult (age 19 and older)     Co-pay: Child (age 18 and younger)

176-200%                                                                  $45                                                          $20

151-175%                                                                    $40                                                         $17.50

101-150%                                                                   $35                                                          $15

0-100%                                                                      $25                                                          $10

Well Child visits that include routine physicals and immunizations are provided at $0 co-pay.

Preventive care visits range between $55-75 copay for adults.

Mental health visits range between $10-20 for adults and children.

Specialty or Psychiatry visits range between $55-75 for adults and children.

Dental care fees vary. Patients who qualify at or below 100% of poverty guidelines pay a fixed fee for each service. Patients who qualify above 100% of poverty guidelines pay between 60-80% of dental charges.

Other services: please ask for rates.

How Long Can I Use The Sliding Fee Program?


Once approved, you’ll need to renew your sliding fee program every 12 months. If you have changes in your income amounts or household members at any other time, talk to a Care Coordinator.

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