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Intern & Supervisory Evaluation

The evaluation process is designed to provide interns with on-going information that will inform them about their progress and professional growth. The Training Committee meets regularly to address issues relevant to the field of integrated health care in general and training in particular. The Training Director maintains regular contact with all supervising psychologists regarding the progress and functioning of interns under their supervision. Every four months, each interns’ supervising psychologist meet as a team to discuss and formally evaluate the interns’ level of functioning and to review the effectiveness of their current training plan. The intern is provided with verbal and written feedback from the supervisor and/or training director after each of these reviews. At the mid year and end of year, the intern also completes a formal evaluation for each of their supervisors and discussed the evaluation with them. The mutual exchange of feedback between the supervisor and intern is designed to enhance professional growth of both by identifying strengths, areas needing improvement, and personal goals.