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Application Procedures

Jordan Valley Community Health Center abides by all APPIC policies and guidelines regarding application and notification procedures, including the APPIC policy that no person in this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant.  Jordan Valley is an equal opportunity employer and adheres to APPIC’s nondiscrimination policies.

All applications must use the APPIC AAPI online (www.appic.org).

A completed application consists of the following materials:

  1. Cover letter

  2. A current Curriculum Vitae

  3. Three letters of recommendation, two of which must be from persons who have directly supervised your clinical work. Please submit only three letters.

  4. One complete psychological testing report. Please delete all identifying information from the report (must be uploaded as supplemental materials).

  5. Official transcripts of all graduate coursework

It is the candidate’s responsibility to make arrangements with the recommending persons and transcript offices such that all materials are received by the application deadline.

Completed applications must be received by the first Friday in November.  All applications will be reviewed by the Director of Behavioral Health Integration to ensure all applicants meet minimum requirements. Applicants who are best qualified to benefit from our program will be invited to interview by our Training Director.  Interview dates for selected applicants will be set for late January and early February. All applicants will be informed of our interview decisions by email by the APPIC notification deadline. In person interviews are strongly recommended, but invited applicants who are unable to travel to Springfield due to extenuating circumstances may request to be interviewed by telephone or via Skype.

Jordan Valley Community Health Center participates in the APPIC Computer Match Program. Our program code match number is 2518.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Director of Behavioral Health Integration, Dr. Barb Nash at banash@jordanvalley.org, or our Training Director, Dr. Netti Summer at nsummer@jordanvalley.org.