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Administrative Structure

The Psychology Internship Training Program is under the supervision of the Training Committee and Training Director.  The Training Committee is charged with overseeing the progress of the interns and developing the program.

The Training Committee is responsible for managing the following:

  • Assist in the recruitment, selection, and placement of psychology interns and psychology residents;

  • Oversee implementation of grievance procedures;

  • Assist with complying to the rules and regulations of accrediting and regulatory bodies; and

  • Managing all other activities associated with the program training.


Standing members of the committee include the Vice President of Medical and Behavioral Health, the Director of Behavioral Health Integration, the Training Director and the Director of Education and Engagement. In addition, Jordan Valley psychology interns elect one intern during the first month of the training year to participate as a member of the Training Committee.


The Training Committee meets regularly to review the intern’s performance and training needs, and to discuss program development. Interns provide ongoing verbal feedback on the program to the Training director. At the end of the training year, the Training Director conducts an exit interview with the interns covering all major aspects of the training year to elicit their feedback. Intern feedback is consistently used to make adjustments to caseload expectations, program structure, and available rotations to ensure training experiences are up to date and most relevant for interns’ future practice in psychology.